TR Kolibri
Distinctive monogram logo for a grocery shopping chain.
November 24, 2023

TR Kolibri


Grocery store


Basic Package

The client provided a clear vision for their desired logo, and with just a few initial concepts, we easily arrived at a consensus. Taking into account the diverse applications within the grocery store industry, we meticulously crafted a perfect logo. This design seamlessly accommodates a range of uses, from advertising materials to employee uniforms, ensuring effortless integration across different platforms and contexts within the grocery store environment. The collaborative process resulted in a versatile and visually compelling logo tailored to meet the client's specific needs.

i Collaborating with a client with a clear vision is like achieving half the task, and this project excelled in understanding and meeting the client’s needs seamlessly. The clarity of their expectations facilitated efficient collaboration, ensuring not only comprehension but also exceeding their requirements, resulting in a flawlessly executed project.

As our name embodies the Hummingbird’s charm, we’re considering a unique monogram – an intertwining of the bird and the letter K. It’s about capturing the essence of our brand in a harmonious blend, symbolizing the synergy inherent in our name.

Minimalistic to Intricate
Abstract to Literal
Monochromatic to Colorful
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