Flowershop Orhideja
Revamping a floral boutique to distinguish it from competitors.
November 15, 2023

Cvecara Orhideja




Branding Package

While most flower shops embrace a green and colorful aesthetic, we chose a distinctive approach to set our client apart. Fortunately, the client specifically sought a monochromatic logo. Ultimately, we crafted a sophisticated and luxurious logo with a subtle floral touch. Additionally, we designed a unique pattern that can seamlessly integrate into various accessories within a traditional flower shop, creating a harmonious synergy with the logo.

i Working with a client who has a clear vision is halfway to success, and this project excelled in effectively understanding and meeting the client’s needs.

We’re looking for a black and white design that is minimalistic yet sleek. It should complement any type of flower without incorporating colors. Specifically regarding windows, we prefer a subtle design that doesn’t overshadow the flowers, keeping it small and unobtrusive.

Minimalistic to Intricate
Abstract to Literal
Monochromatic to Colorful
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